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Servants With A Testimony

"But he who is greatest among you shall be your servant."

- Matthew 23:11

Youth Group

In a generation where it is all about self-fulfillment, Jesus wants to teach young people the joy of being a servant of God. Allowing this time to equip them with the Word of God, to have a solid foundation built on God, to be able to set an example for believers and unbelievers, and to build an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Letting the youths know and experience that being a servant for Christ is very rewarding, fun, and exciting.

In-Person Meetings

WHERE: Mainly at Church, or online (Google Meet)
WHEN: Every Second Saturday @ 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM (Check the Calendar)
BRING: A Bible, a notebook, a pen, and plenty of highlighters

If you would like to join us, please inform us that you will be attending through email:

S.w.a.t Tactics

1. GREETINGS AND OPENING PRAYER (10 minutes): greetings will happen within the first few minutes and is followed by an opening prayer

2. THE TOPIC (30 minutes): the topic will be introduced and the discussion will be lead by everyone. The leader is in charge of helping the group to stay on track. During this time, we will discuss the topic, share testimonies, and edify each other.
Other times, we will dedicate this time to dissect a chapter of the Bible.

3. ACTIVITIES (20 - 40 minutes): the youths will partake in activities and games that are related to the topic. At the same time, the importance of being a servant of Christ will be shared.

4. PLANNING (30 minutes to 1 hour): this time is dedicated to generating Church ideas, training into ministry (drama team, music ministry, etc...), fellowship, and all sorts of plans to use our talents for God and His Church.

Google Classroom

We will use this to post:

1) Announcements, Reminders, and extra info

2) Materials for those who have missed the SWAT Meeting

3) Questions & Answers

4) Praise Reports/Testimonies & Encouragements

5) Weekly Fun Biblical Questions & Kahoot

6) Google Class Meets (Video Chats) & Corporate Prayer

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