Grandfather and grandson speak after big bore barrels crash into their riverbank home

RIVERBANK – A family is lucky to be alive after a 16-wheel semi-truck crashed into their Riverbank home while they slept.

A man in his bed woke up under the rubble and shouted for his grandson who was trapped in the next room. Miraculously, they are both fine.

“I feel like I got hit by a truck,” Tim Zollin said.

And that’s because he kind of did. Zollin woke up to a loud bang and before he knew it, the house collapsed on him.

‘I slept here, with my head there, next to that wall. And this was the bathroom,” Zollin said. “If I had been in the bathroom, I definitely wouldn’t be here.”

“I thought it was just an earthquake or something because of the loud noise and everything falling,” said Zollin’s grandson Jayden.

Jayden said he tried to get out of his room, but the door was blocked.

“I look in his room and I see a truck in the house. I didn’t know what to think, if the truck driver was okay, if my grandpa was okay,” Jayden said.

Luckily everyone inside is okay. Riverbank police say an SUV driver ignored a stop sign and struck a semi-truck, causing it to lose control and crash into the duplex.

Two families are lucky to be alive after a truck crashed into a duplex in Riverbank on Wednesday, April 17.

Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office

Two families are now displaced and the only assistance they have received is as much as $600 from the American Red Cross.

‘No one helps, no matter what kind of government agency or insurance. Of course I mean it’s not our fault. I didn’t hear a peep from anyone,” Zollin said.

“I can’t even go to school right now, I don’t have the clothes or anything to go to,” Jayden said.

“I can’t walk very well and I went straight to the emergency room,” Zollin said.

Their 81-year-old duplex neighbor was also displaced.

‘Your whole life changes just like that. Thank God again that we’re okay, but it just doesn’t feel that way, I guess,” Zollin said.

The truck driver was not injured and the driver of the SUV was taken to the hospital with several broken bones but is expected to survive.