A small business owner in Metro Atlanta is concerned about how long USPS delays will last

Small business owners are concerned after the U.S. Postmaster said it could take 60 days to improve mail delays in Georgia.

“Customers say: ‘You promised it the same day. Do you just print labels and tell us it has been shipped, or do you actually deliver them?” says Fahad Pathan.

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Pathan has owned Indian Hair Shop for over a decade. He described how deliveries have changed since the United States Postal Service opened its new processing center in Palmetto.

“I deliver orders every day. They are scanned only two or three days later,” says Pathan.

He said customers who paid for priority or overnight shipping are demanding refunds.

“Those are the customers who get the most upset because they expect their package the next day,” Pathan says.


He has been watching closely since the U.S. Senate questioned U.S. Postmaster Louis Dejoy this week.

The Palmetto processing center was expected to increase effectiveness by consolidating the Atlanta, Augusta, Macon and Duluth centers.

“We had to move 2,000 people from all these different factories to one location, and we had strict requirements as to when they moved. It’s a big facility that we opened. We had problems with the incoming transport,” Dejoy told Congress.

Dejoy said he appointed new management, revamped truck schedules and stabilized machine operations. He predicts the delays will end within 60 days.

Pathan will have to wait and see if that timeline affects his company’s reputation.

“It is a government organization. We pay taxes,” Pathan said. “I do expect that this service will be operational for me and my customers.”

A metro Atlanta business owner is desperately seeking help at the mailbox after delays at the newly opened mail distribution center negatively impacted his business.

The delays are impacting mail delivery across Georgia.

Channel 2’s Courtney Francisco checked with a small business owner who ships his hair products to the US

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He said some customers expect him to deliver their orders the same day they place their order.

Some pay extra for priority or overnight shipping.

And since the new distribution facility has failed to provide proper service, that isn’t happening and some customers are demanding refunds.

“I place orders every day, but they are only scanned two to three days later. And it doesn’t matter whether you pay priority or at night. So those are the customers who get the most upset because they expect their package the next day, and two days later it still says ‘awaiting acceptance’,” says Fahad Pathan.

Congress stepped in this week to question the federal postmaster.

He said the opening of the new distribution center in Palmetto presented management, truck scheduling and machine issues.

He expects to reach normal operating standards within 60 days.


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