Aldi is exclusively selling a new gas barbecue tomorrow for a bargain price

If you want to buy a new gas grill for the current grilling season, you should take a look at Aldi on April 22, 2024. The discounter exclusively sells the new Enders Boston Pro 4 KR Turbo II at an attractive price. This has been improved in some areas and costs no more than its predecessor.

Aldi exclusively sells new Enders gas barbecues

At Aldi you have been able to buy really good Enders gas barbecues at attractive prices for years. From April 22, 2024 you can get them exclusively in the online shop Improved version of the Ender Boston Pro 4 KR Turbo II for only 299 euros (look at Aldi in the online shop). The original is almost perfect and extremely popular, but this time Enders has made a few optimizations. The shelves have been improved. The new version is just as high-quality and stylish as the old one, just a little smarter. The offer is valid locally at Aldi Süd and in the online shop.

At Aldi you can buy the new Enders Boston Pro 4 KR Turbo II for 299 euros. (Image source: Aldi brochure)

With the new version of the Ender Boston Pro 4 KR Turbo II you still get four burners in the cooking chamber, of which two turbo burners Are. These can have a temperature of range up to 800 degrees and are therefore perfect for searing steaks. You also get a side cooker on which you can prepare side dishes or sauces.

Overall, it produces Gas grill with a power of 18.55 kW. Naturally, an enamelled cast iron grille is also used here, which supports the switch grille inserts. So you can optionally use a pizza stone or a wok. A gas bottle of up to 11 kg can be stored under the gas grill.

The video shows the features of the Ender Boston Pro 4 KR Turbo II in detail:

Exclusive to Aldi: Enders Boston Pro 4 KR Turbo II

Who is it worth buying this gas grill for?

In short, for anyone who does not want to spend too much money, but still wants a high-quality, stylish and powerful gas barbecue. The Enders Boston Pro 4 KR Turbo II has always been popular and is considered an affordable all-rounder. The improved version is just the icing on the cake. If you like to grill, you can’t go wrong with this model.

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