‘It was probably their best day’

EAST LANSING, Mich. – One of the brightest points from Michigan State’s “Spring Showcase” on Saturday was the play of the offensive line.

Even though the quarterbacks weren’t live, the O-line unit looked in sync and well-prepared for what was the biggest day of their spring camp.

“I will say I thought this was probably the O-line’s best day out of 15, just looking at the offensive line and what we were able to do there,” Michigan State coach Jonathan Smith said after Saturday’s event. “The protection was solid. It’s not exactly the play, right? The quarterback doesn’t get hit, so defensively you rush the passer, you don’t go all the way. But it was a solid day that way. Still a way to go, but I’m happy with the progress we’re making.”

Spartans running back Nate Carter, who benefited quite a bit from the O-line’s success on Saturday, was pleased with the offense’s progress.

“It was obviously a good block on that second play (Carter’s 48-yard rushing touchdown),” Carter said. “It was great for the offense to get off to a good start and continue that as the game went on. That puts into perspective the work since we started with the jump ball to open up those gaps up to the offensive line, just those guys who work hard to get a job done.”

Carter said the progress can mostly be attributed to the details.

“It’s all about the details, and that’s what we’ve been focusing on. This week of practice really focused on little details as we progress through the spring and learn the offense,” Carter said. “…So we had to take a little bit of a step back and make sure that we focused on those little details and that everything starts with…the backfield. It starts with something so small so that I can move forward in my job so that I can hit that hole.”

The O-line will be a unit to watch in 2024, especially with new O-line coach Jim Michalczik, a longtime college coach, leading the group.

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