The Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden hosts the annual Earth Day Fair

(Des Moines, IA) — The Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden held its annual Earth Day fair on Saturday.

Attendees were able to meet several vendors, including from the Rain Campaign, a Polk County water conservation initiative.

“You can start with a rain barrel, or a rainwater harvester,” says Cassie Druhl of Polk County Public Works, “that collects rainwater from your roof, and you can reuse that in your yard to water plants, wash garden tools , give your dog a bath, fill your birdbath, there are many fun uses.”

She also suggests soil conservation practices, such as adding compost and more grass seed to your yard, or planting native prairie plants to reduce soil erosion.

Kim Perez, president and CEO of the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden, said the fair is an event that has contributed to record attendance in recent months.

“Earth Day is an opportunity for us to truly live our values. As an organization focused on exploring, explaining and celebrating the world of plants, Earth Day is a day that captures people’s attention in a way that we hope to achieve every day of the year,” said Perez. She also says that this year’s organizational goals are focused on maintaining the relationship between people and plants.

Earth Day is on Monday, April 22.